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 What is the Civil Penalty for Knowingly Violating HIPAA | BIP MD

HIPAA Settlements, Fines, and Penalties HIPAA settlements are hard to keep track of–that’s...

 Finding the right MSP for HIPAA compliance | BIP MD

At BIP MD, we’ve worked with a variety of vendors and can assist you in choosing a solution that...

 7 Tips to Ensure Your MSP is HIPAA Compliant | BIP MD

Ensure your MSP is adequately protecting sensitive healthcare data Healthcare organizations of...

 Generate SSH Keys Online

You can use this site to generate your SSH Keys Online. https://8gwifi.org/sshfunctions.jsp Any...

 When purchasing a VPS, what do “hostname”, “ns1 prefix”, and “ns2 prefix” mean?

NS stands for NameServer also called domain name servers (DNS). Domain names like www or...

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